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About The Project

9 GANS is an Art Gallery that is refreshed with 9 pieces of completely new and unique art every hour.

All the images are generated using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The old images are permanently deleted once the hour is up. Every image is unique and will never be generated again (with some exceptions for now...see FAQs). So make sure to download the ones you like!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How did you do this?
So, the AI comes up with the art on its own?
But its thinking up these images! OMG - The machines are coming. Terminator!
Cool! Can I submit my artwork so it can be part of Skynet...I mean the data the model is trained on?
Why the 1 hour time limit?
Why do you delete the images?
Wait! I think I saw the same image again?
Can I buy the art?
I want to buy Art Prints for multiple images.
I like this. How can I help?